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The Evolution of Luxury Cruising

For those who enjoy travelling in style and comfort, whilst discovering exceptional destinations, embarking on a luxury cruise getaway could be the holiday you’ve been looking for. The days of luxury cruising being synonymous with formal nights, stuffy atmospheres and regimented itineraries are long gone. Instead, you can look forward to meeting like-minded individuals, spending days ashore immersing yourself in astounding destinations, enjoying the opulence of your suite and taking advantage o

Five of the best luxury cruises for nature enthusiasts

Poet John Keats wrote of nature in, ‘On the Grasshopper and Cricket’, that “the poetry of Earth is never dead”. Any nature enthusiast, I’m sure, will agree. The world is there for exploration and discovery, and whilst many means of travel can take you to a destination, only a cruise ship can immerse you in one. Cruising provides guests with a knowledgeable team on board to guide and inform, on board amenities to enhance the experience and the invaluable time needed to explore these wild, excitin

Five of the best wellbeing experiences on luxury cruises

Health and wellbeing have become hot topics in recent years, with a number of travel retreats offering wellbeing packages, all focusing on recharging the mind, body and soul. Luckily, the world of luxury cruising has been paying attention and offers exceptional wellbeing experiences on board, all whilst cruising in the lap of luxury. Here, Fran Hayden, Marketing Executive at ROL Cruise, looks at five of the best wellbeing experiences on luxury cruises – so all you have to do is sit back, relax

Five Negative Body-Image Habits To Break

It's no wonder that so many of us suffer a collapse of self-esteem when we are surrounded by such messages and images. But far from letting ourselves wallow in our own negative self-esteem, why not try these five things and see if you can banish those bad habits? Blogger Arianna Rebolini writes: "I was facing a closet that told me my body wasn't right... my clothes were undoing years of work toward accepting my body as-is, coaxing me into old beliefs". Often, we keep hold of that pair of jeans

Why The Body Positive Fight Is Still On

While many body positive activists, myself included, exclaim as loudly as our caps lock lets us that, BODY POSITIVITY IS FOR ALL BODIES and that WE CAN WEAR WHAT WE WANT and that WE ARE WORTHY OF LOVING THE SKIN WE'RE IN - our words are still falling on ignorant ears. The fact is, while body positivity has made the mainstream a (slightly) more diverse and bearable place, the body positive crowd seems to have thinned out somewhat in recent months. Maybe it's because now that we've seen stretch m

Why Choose Self-Love?

The journey of self-love and discovery that I have been on has been completely eye-opening. If you'd told me only two years ago that I'd feel the way I feel about my body today, I wouldn't have believed you. You see, learning to love yourself is a journey. It is a huge task to undertake and doesn't come without its hurdles to overcome, but my god is it worth it when you arrive at the other side, positively brandishing your self-love badge in the face of society. But why do it? Why would you both

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